Subliminal Sublime at Lough Key Forest Park





As part of their 2019 Visual Art Programme, Roscommon Arts Centre and Roscommon Arts Office present ‘Subliminal Sublime The Park Project IV’ with Lucy McKenna this Saturday (26th) at 7 pm in Lough Key Forest Park, Boyle.

  This unique event is the culmination of artist Lucy McKenna’s work in the park since August 2018 where, using local history and folklore, Lucy has taken Lough Key Forest Park as a location to peel back a layer of reality and reveal the potential for sublime visions, experiences and information. In the past the Park has experienced sightings of mermaids, UFOs, giants, ghosts, lights in the sky and portals to other places.

  Subliminal messages are stimuli that lie below our threshold of conscious awareness, but if concealed messages are experienced, can our minds construct a hidden world behind the conscious curtain? To experience the sublime is to experience something which is momentarily, paralysingly beautiful, but also evokes fear and commands respect.

  This free event will be a short light-filled experience which brings members of the public inside the Moylurg Tower in Lough Key Forest Park to see whatever they will see, with a hope to invoke the sublime. Access to the tower on the night is limited, and to ensure access places should be booked in advance through If maximum capacity is reached in the tower, audiences are also invited to view the work from the vicinity of the Moylurg Tower, so all are welcome to attend on the evening.

  Participants are invited to meet at the Visitor Centre in the Park at 7 pm that evening. The event will also mark the launch of a newly-commissioned text by Visual Art Writer in Residence, Joanne Laws.
  This project is commissioned by Roscommon County Council Arts Office. With special thanks to the management and staff of Lough Key Forest Park and Black Powder Monkey. For further information on the event contact: