Style coaching night

Mary Dolan will host a style coaching night in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon on March 4th. During the course, Mary will deal with topics such as motivation and delegation techniques, wardrobe de-cluttering and body analysis. The course costs €50 per person. Early booking is advisable as the courses are proving very popular and a maximum of ten people take part in each course. For further information contact Mary Dolan, Style Coach on (087) 2598804. Barbara’s experience ‘I had a personal shopping experience with Mary recently and it was a day to remember. Recently I had put on a lot of weight and had almost given up finding anything fashionable to wear. In desperation I contacted Mary for a consultation. I was extremely nervous at first, especially as Mary explained what colours would be good on me and I only wore black! The reason for this was I felt it would make me look slim but Mary explained it was dressing for my body shape that would actually make me look slim. Once we go into the swing of if, it was great, with Mary selecting pieces quicker than you could blink and accessorising them with costume jewellery. Not everything fitted, but I came home with some lovely stuff and am educated for the future. Mary motivated me to work on my weight also and this is going very well, so maybe I won’t need the larger size anymore! I am certainly a happy lady now. Thanks, Mary. – Barbara, Salthill.