Spreading a little Christmas magic with…Declan Molloy, Molloy’s Artisan Bakery


What’s the key to the perfect Christmas pudding?

Only use quality ingredients…and loads of Guinness. We produce ours in small batches which we feel is better than mass producing them.

Any signature Christmas delicacies being featured this year?

Yes, our mince pie crumble…we launched them last week; they’re very popular, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone else doing them. On December 8th we’re launching our delicious new ‘cookies and cream’ cake decorated especially with the festive season in mind. And, the good thing is, it’ll keep over the Christmas.

Tell us about your Christmas hampers?

They’re an ideal gift containing local produce from Roscommon, Longford, Galway and Westmeath.  We also do ‘Irish only’ hampers because we get people who moved away ringing from around the world ordering a hamper for a relative here. We can make up hampers using produce from the whole island, north and south; and we deliver too. Last date for deliveries around the town is Christmas Eve, and for deliveries around the country, our last date is the week before.

What Gluten free delights do you have? 

Oh, we’ve got gluten free Christmas fruit puddings, chocolate biscuit pudding, mince pies with pastry and frangipane, rocky road and coconut macaroons; and we make up gluten free hampers to order.

Have you got any Black Friday lunchtime treats for tired shoppers?

Yes we do. We’re offering a free mince pie crumble for anyone who dines in for their lunch break.

What would you personally like to find wrapped up under the tree this year?

A ticket to Australia to see my daughter.