Sport Clubs Small Grant Scheme

Sports clubs in Roscommon can now apply for Covid-19 Club Small Grants of up to €1,500 through Roscommon Sports Partnership.

The Covid-19 Club Small Grant Scheme is part of a series of Covid-19 related funding schemes from Sport Ireland, following the announcement of €70 million of funding by the Government to support the sports sector in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The Covid-19 Club Small Grant Scheme will be implemented by Sport Ireland’s network of Local Sports Partnerships and will provide assistance to local clubs with covering costs associated with the reopening of sports clubs. This scheme is separate to the Sports Club Resilience Fund, which will be delivered through National Governing Bodies.

This scheme is designed to support sports clubs that do not have the finances to implement Covid-19-related hygiene and social distancing protocols. The Covid-19 Club Small Grants can be used to support Covid-19-related expenditure dating from May 2nd, 2020 onwards (date of publication of Government roadmap to recovery). As the total fund available is limited, clubs which already have the finances to implement Covid-19 protocols should not apply.

This grant scheme is designed and intended to support return to sporting activities only, and cannot be used to support Covid-19 costs related to hospitality services such as bars or restaurants within sports facilities.

The scheme will be based on identified needs. Roscommon Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland will work together to ensure that the investment is distributed fairly and every effort will be made to ensure that the wider sports community benefits from this scheme. There is a €1,500 limit per club on this grant scheme, however applications will be means-tested and only clubs with the most need will be eligible for the full amount. Clubs should not feel that they have to apply for the full amount to be considered for support.

Speaking regarding the launch of the Covid-19 Club Small Grant Scheme, LSP Coordinator with Roscommon Sports Partnership, Noel Feeley, said: “Roscommon Sports Partnership welcomes the announcement of financial support for sports clubs across Ireland and encourages all sports clubs in Roscommon to assess their need for financial support towards Covid-19 related-hygiene and social distancing protocols”.

Clubs are advised to contact Roscommon Sports Partnership by email to or by phone on 09066 30853 for further information on this scheme.

Applications to Roscommon Sports Partnership are only applicable to clubs based within Roscommon, and only one application can be submitted per sport club. Funding applications must be submitted prior to 5 pm on Wednesday, September 2nd via the application form on Roscommon Sports Partnership’s website at

Clubs must ensure that, where available, they prioritise the application for funding support via their National Governing Body or relevant representative body. Funding support for the same purpose should not be sought from multiple sources.