Spellman: ‘EU directive must address factories’


The Chairman of ICOS National Marts and Kilteevan native, Michael Spellman has welcomed the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive on Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs) in the food supply chain, published last week.

  The directive has the potential to enhance harmonisation of regulations at EU level without endangering existing systems already in place where member states will have flexibility in terms of how to implement it.

  It proposes a minimum list of prohibited unfair trading practices between buyers and suppliers in the food supply chain. It also lays down minimum rules concerning their enforcement and arrangements for co-ordination between enforcement authorities.

  ICOS National Marts Chairman, Michael Spellman said: “We’re concerned to ensure that meat factories must come under the scope of this directive due to their dominant market position and the role that is exercised by a small number of large entities in the overall supply chain.

  “The complete stranglehold that the factories have on the livestock industry in Ireland is a gross example of the Unfair Trading Practice which this Directive should be addressing. Measures currently being enforced by Irish meat factories in their buying practices are subverting the free trade of cattle in Ireland, controlling prices and stifling competition”.

  Mr. Spellman welcomed the stance adopted by EU Commissioner Phil Hogan.