Special promotions at McGuinness Pharmacy

If you want to hear about the very best in skincare, then get yourself along to McGuinness Pharmacy in Roscommon on June 19th and 20th. On Thursday June 19th, to celebrate the fact that McGuinness Pharmacy in Roscommon town is now the exclusive stockists of H20+ skincare in the region, H20+ consultants will be available in McGuinness Pharmacy to answer all your queries on these products. Since the new range of smashbox cosmetics was launched at McGuinness in February, the range, which was designed to meet the needs of make-up artists, has proved particularly popular with the Roscommon public. Makeovers using the smashbox range will be peformed from 10 am to 4.30 pm on Friday, June 20th. One of the most popular products is the smashbox ‘Photo Finish’ foundation primer, an innovative product which results in the flawless skin demanded by professional photographers. The smashbox eye shadow range is also a much-sought-after range, as is the new skincare range which contains demerexyl.  On Friday, June 20th, staff from smashbox will be on hand all day, working on makeovers for customers and ensuring that smashbox fans make the most of their cosmetic range. To pre-book a makeover, call (090) 66 26193 and ask for Amanda or Shirley. The founding principle of H20+ was to establish a clean, natural alternative to pore-clogging, oil-based skincare. It is the first and largest company to focus on water-based skincare for face and body. It is sold in over 60 worldwide markets, where consumers can purchase sea-derived skincare products that deliver demonstrable results. Its fun, colourful formulas and clear packaging showcase its unique skincare, spa and bath products. There are four main blends of marine extracts utilised by H20+. These marine botanical blends are one of the characteristics that make these products both effective and unique. H20+ stresses the importance of skin hydration. This concept is in step with increased awareness of the importance of daily water consumption to properly maintain and enhance body function. H20+ consultants will be available in McGuinness Pharmacy in Roscommon on June 19th from 10 am to 4.30 pm to answer all your queries on these products. Call (090) 66 26193 to book a smashbox makeover on Friday, June 20th or to arrange to meet the H20 consultants on Thursday, June 19th.