Solstice Choir in Roxboro NS Astroturf fundraiser



Roscommon Solstice Choir, with the support of the children of Roxboro NS, will stage a concert in Kilbride Community Centre on Friday, June 14th at 8 pm.

  This is one of the four seasonal concerts by the choir and the only one in this area of Roscommon. The Solstice Choir are renowned for their outstanding performances and have attracted large crowds to many venues throughout the county and beyond.

  Performing with the Solstice Choir is the choir of Roxboro NS, who are preparing diligently to entertain the audience. The proceeds of the night will go to the provision of an AstroTurf at Roxboro NS and it is hoped that this can be completed this autumn. The families and staff have been hugely enthusiastic about this pitch and have been extraordinarily generous in their contributions to fund the project.

  A large crowd is expected at the concert so patrons are advised to get their tickets early. They may be obtained by contacting Roxboro NS on 090-6625703.