Solar energy farms are the way to go – Byrne

Independent councillor Valerie Byrne has voiced her strong objection to wind farms and argues that solar energy farms are the way to go.

  A wind farm, comprising 50 wind turbines, is currently under construction in Strokestown, an area that she represents.

  Cllr. Byrne has opposed the project, along with a plan for a line of electricity pylons from Flagford, Carrick-on-Shannon, to Moygownagh, Co. Mayo.

  Cllr. Byrne said: “In relation to how we get energy, if you go to England, it’s not all wind any more.” She added that the emphasis in the UK is on solar panel farms.

  “I do think that that is one thing that we should have in Co. Roscommon.

  “They would not interfere with the view; you are not interfering with anybody; and you can still have lots of sheep and they can maintain the land. You don’t need sun all the time. That’s one way that we could be going here.”