Smashbox proves a smash hit at McGuinness

By Pauline Scott The new Smashbox range of make-up at McGuinness Pharmacy at Main Street, Roscommon proved a big hit with customers on Thursday last as the store celebrated both the arrival of the Smashbox range and the newly refurbished store. Lots of customers chose to have makeovers with the Smashbox trainer Tracey Furley who was down from Dublin for the event and Tracey was busy all day giving tips on how best to use the new range of make-up so beloved of professional photographers. The McGuinness family were all present for the occasion, including Simon and Pauline, Oliver and Arlene and their son John and the new premises was blessed by Fr. Charles Travers. Fr. Travers noted that the new premises has been refurbished and tastefully decorated. He also said that respect for each and every customer is the hallmark of McGuinness’ business and said that this aspect of the business will continue in the new premises. Fr. Travers blessed all who planned and carried out the work. Speaking of customers, he said that customers at the pharmacy go away reassured, enriched and encouraged to face the issues and problems they encounter. Oliver McGuinness, speaking on behalf of the family, noted that he was often told that the pharmacist had a task that was somewhere between those of the priest and the doctor and said it was nice to have the premises blessed by Fr. Travers. He noted that the business has been in the family for three generations. His grandfather worked as a pharmacist, as did his aunts Mary and Mairead and his father Simon, who passed on the tradition to the staff. He also praised the staff for their co-operation during the building work, noting that for a time they were to be found outside the store shepherding people across humps and hollows. Between them, the staff at McGuinness have 75 years of experience, an invaluable asset to any business. Concluding Ollie thanked the people of Roscommon and surrounding areas for making McGuinness what it has been over the last 80 or 90 years and he also thanked Arlene and John for putting up with having their home used as a store room during the renovation process.