Slight rise in beef prices

ICSA Beef Chairman Seán Scully is reporting a slight rise in beef prices this week, and he called on factories to be more transparent in their dealings with farmers.  Mr. Scully reported that U grade bullocks are now coming in at £1.26 – £1.27 / lb (€3.52 – €3.55 / kg), Rs at £1.24 – £1.25 / lb (€3.47 – €3.50 / kg) and Os at £1.21 (€3.38 / kg). ‘Heifers are not moving, at £1.25 / lb (€3.50 / kg) and this is unfortunate, as we know the demand is out there. Cows are fetching between £1.06 and £1.10 / lb (€2.96 – €3.08 / kg). This week the factories are subsidising transport, which is going to be worth a penny more for some farmers, but they would be better off just being more transparent in their dealings and raising the quotes.’ Sheep prices are steady at €5 / kg and hoggets are coming in at €4 / kg, according to Mervyn Sunderland, ICSA sheep chairman.