Skoka explores new mobile phone service

Volkswagen Skoda is exploring the availability of new communications methods to enhance the service for new Skoda customers. Recently, the company teamed up with MyClick Media to establish an interactive mobile platform to more effectively communicate with end users of Skoda, providing them with meaningful and relevant service, raising the brand equity by employing the one-click to mobile internet (WAP sites) for the first time. MyClick’s software enables connection with the Internet, based on the image recognition technique on the mobile phone platform. Instead of inputting website addresses, mobile phone subscribers can simplify the process by using MyClick.  By clicking MyClick’s photo frame on their mobile phones to open relevant WAP web sites and get infotainment news, as well as various kinds of services and discounts.  It benefits subscribers while establishing interaction between users and brands and cultivate the brand loyalty of the users in the long run. Recognizing MyClick’s advantage of building up users’ loyalty, Shanghai Volkswagen-Skoda worked with MyClick to build the brand Skoda. During the activity, consumers can be connected directly to the WAP site of Skoda and fill in relevant information to find out detailed information on the activity and win a big prize by simply shooting the designated image as shown in Skoda ad and sending SMS or MMS to the designated number. The method is revolutionary in the ease and innovation as opposed to traditional passive medium such as TV on which the audience’s interaction with the set is non-existent. Through one-on-one communication with end users, the company can reach its target customers and understand their needs right away, have access to valuable demographic information to establish the customer database thus better positioned to provide their customers with more thoughtful and convenient services by transmitting the latest information on its products to customers.  In the long run, it would great enhance and foster customers’ loyalty to the brand in the long run. Such intangible brand value obtained is inestimable. MyClick is a global pioneer of image recognition mobile marketing. MyClick is a mobile media convergence technology utilizing photo matching, digital content and customer relationship management platforms to form a breakthrough mobile media platform, Marketers place MyClick-enabled images across all media forms, giving mobile phone users one ‘click’ access to their Mobile Internet contents and services.