This week we continue a poetry series that celebrates the River Suck with John Malachy Raftery. Shining Shivenland (no dump) A Shiven paddle is a thorny one to say the least, with much dragging along banks. It was in its vicinity, some years back, that a ‘bogfill site’ was proposed, ably and energetically resisted by a vibrant local community, which ultimately triumphed. Musing on that pressing issue while going with the fitful flow, the work ‘Ask the Audience’ emerged. Ask the Audience Call in the gung-ho private sector wastrels, Calling shots in the dungheaps of waste hells, Call this Newbridge kettle black, waste crackpots, Our mettle tested ‘gainst your stains and spots. Call in the dead of night to target prospects, Calling your might right, no last respects, Call off the hounds, release the snakes instead, Your fork-tongued venom, we will not be fed. Call up the council for confidential comments, Calling to cadge with hints of magic moments, Call your stillborn tacky tactic what you wish From Shiven sand you’ll land no mastered fish. Call down sky sun, the silver moon and stars, Calling, bawling like mad Czars from Mars Call-a-friend, those friends you have in high sly places, We mould our own lifelines, we hold all aces.