Should the Fro go?

‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ finalist James supporting Join Our Boys

Roscommon mum Paula Naughton and her husband Padraic have issued a heartfelt thanks to Ireland’s Fittest Family finalist, James Cuddy, for his fun and creative offer to help raise funds for the Join Our Boys Trust.

  The public will get to decide what style James’ famous ‘fro’ will take at ‘The Fro Must Go’ restyling event scheduled for January 29th.

  The event aims to raise funds for the completion of a purpose-built home for the Naughtons’ three brave sons, Archie, George and Isaac who were diagnosed with the debilitating disorder Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

  For any donation, large or small, the public can decide whether James sports a ‘Mohawk Viking’ or a ‘Mullet & Mo’, or whether ‘Everything must Go’.

  All proceeds will go towards the house completion project, and you can make your donation and choice of hairstyle for James at