Shorn in 37.9 seconds!


Record breaker Ivan clipping in Kiltoom


Ivan Scott is not a man who waits around. I had to be quick to catch five minutes with him earlier this week as he was “out shearing at seven” each morning.

  The Donegal native smashed the world sheep shearing record in August of last year when he clipped 867 strong wool lambs in nine hours. He also entered the Guinness Book of World Records last year when he sheared a sheep in 37.9 seconds!

  Fortunately, he also takes coffee breaks from time to time and agreed to take a phone call at home in Co. Mayo.

  Ivan began by offering an insight into a regular day for a shearer at this time of year.

  “I’d be shearing 300 to 400 a day at this time of year when it’s busy. It’s a long day with a lot of going,” he said.

  Top class shearers must remain in peak condition, particularly when attempting grueling world records. Despite his long workdays, Ivan still had to make time for the gym ahead of his world record attempt last year.

   “I haven’t had time to go lately! (Laughs) When I was training for records I’d have to be in the gym as well but nowadays I just do shearing. If you’re fit from the gym it makes the shearing easier and the recovery is quicker,” he said.

  So how did it feel when Ivan sheared that 867th sheep last year?

  “It was a big relief. I had been looking at doing it for the last four or five years previous. It was matter of getting the right sheep and conditions and it even came down to a fine line in the end with the weather and that. It was a weight off my shoulders!”

  The nine-time Irish champion is looking forward to this weekend’s festival in Kiltoom and says that conditions are crucial at these events.

  “You never know until the day. There’s always strong competition, there’s a fella shearing really well from Derry. He’s always on your heels so there’s no room for errors.”