Sheep cheese? That’s not such a baaad idea!


This weekend’s Roscommon Lamb Festival will be a foodie’s delight with a range of food events throughout the six-day festival.

  One of the highlights will be a range of sheep’s cheese on offer at the farmers’ market on Friday morning, thanks to the efforts of Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in Galway.  

  Sheridan’s have amassed a selection of sheep’s cheeses from Ireland, the UK and the Continent, with something to suit every palate. It promises to be a wonderful opportunity to taste a variety of sheep’s cheeses and organisers are also hoping that it will tempt some local sheep farmers to enter the sheep dairying business with a view to establishing a brand of Roscommon sheep’s cheese in the near future.

  Foods of Roscommon will be celebrated at a number of events throughout the weekend, including the special Farmers’ Market on Friday morning and the array of local food which will be on sale during the street party on Saturday night.