Serving in the rain!

Outdoor dining staff upbeat despite ‘typical Irish summer’

Businesses across Roscommon were forced to grin and bear the recent inclement weather as outdoor dining and hospitality continued in the county.

Proprietor of the very popular Les Petites Tartres in Athleague, Anita Bruneteau, says staff and customers are taking it all in their stride, however.

“We have been open for over four weeks and we have been really lucky up until last weekend when the weather changed,” she said.

“But people are still smiling and having fun even through the rain! You have to be positive and I’m lucky to have great staff who haven’t complained at all. They are really making the best of it”.

The French native, who has been living in Ireland for almost 30 years and who opened Les Petites Tartres seven years ago, has supplied her team with jackets and umbrellas so that they can continue to provide service to up to 60 customers outdoors.

“We have been really busy here since reopening and we are lucky to have such wonderful, loyal customers. People are just glad to be back out socialising and meeting friends and leaving the washing up to somebody else!

“The weather will hopefully improve soon and we are looking forward to the return of indoor dining, but for now, we are grateful to be able to provide an outdoor service for out customers and the wonderful community of Athleague,” she said.