Sean’s Walk all the way to JJ’s

Ahead of their gig in JJ Harlow’s in Roscommon town, this Saturday, Limerick band ‘Sean’s Walk’ sat down with the Roscommon People to talk about perfect weekends, music and flip-flops.

What makes the perfect night out? The perfect night out has to have good music and good company. All else will fall into place itself. Maybe the music could be a live band, perhaps from Limerick, made up of guitar, cello, piano and vocals!

How about your perfect weekend getaway if you needed to escape? Not that we feel we need to escape right now but, our perfect weekend getaway would have to be a place with sun, sand, flip-flops, a hat and some good music.

As a group, I’m letting you create your dream gig, so what one act would you really love to share the stage with? As a group we’d probably debate and disagree for too long on who to choose that we’d miss the opportunity altogether! But if we chose one each to blend into a spectacularly unusual gig, it would have to be Ray Charles, Dire Straits and Son Little!

What one album or piece of music would you recommend to the good people of Roscommon? Obviously we would have to recommend our brand new album See the Light.  Other than that, the debate continues between the three of us as to what our favourite album is. Consequently, our three suggestions would have to be, Damien Rice: My Favourite Faded Fantasy; Ben Howard: I forget Where We Were; and Trevor Exter: Flying Saucer People.

One more before I let you leave…what can the Roscommon punters expect this Saturday in JJ’s? People can expect good, high-energy music and a good night overall! Basically they can expect everything that they would have answered to the first question in this Q&A!