Sean Mulryan: Did you know?

* Sean Mulryan (53) is a native of Oran, Co. Roscommon. He regularly visits the area where his mother still resides.  * Married to Bernadine, the couple have five children. * Mulryan left school at 17, became a stonemason and started his own company at the age of 26.  * Mulryan’s company Ballymore Properties is long-time sponsor of the Roscommon senior football team.  * Mulryan is one of the main backers behind the Irish Olympics team for Beijing and London.  * Sean Mulryan is noted for his support for charities, much of it unheralded.  * Sean Mulryan is a member of the Drumaville consortium behind Sunderland FC.  * Mulryan is regularly named as one of Ireland’s richest men.  * He is owner of Forget the Past and up to fifty other racehorses.  * Sean’s company has massive property interests in central and Eastern Europe.  * He is now one of the major property ‘players’ in England, particularly in the Canary Wharf area of London.  * His company is set to oversee the U2 tower project in Dublin.