Sean honoured 50 years on!

Well-known Roscommon-based auctioneer Sean Naughton was recently honoured for his part in the famous farmers’ protest marches of 1966.

  Recently the 50th anniversary of the march was commemorated and Sean was honoured for his historic part in the walk to Dublin in 1966, the purpose of which was to campaign for the rights for farmers.

  Sean, then a very young farmer, is thought to have had the distinction of being the youngest on the march!

  A half a century on, the very young-at-heart Sean is thrilled to still be serving the needs of farmers to the present day. Sean and his wife Peggy live in Roscommon town and their auctioneering business is located at The Square, Roscommon.

  Asked about the property market going forward, Sean expressed confidence about prices and the general wellbeing of the market.

  He points out that there are now “a lot of safeguards in place” and he doesn’t expect the ‘boom to bust’ scenario that we experienced in the 2007-2008 period to return. – PH