Scór AGM this month

The AGM of Coiste Scór Ros Comain was held on Wednesday the 28th of May at the County Board offices in Roscommon Town.   Diane Dennehy chaired the meeting, and Secretary, Thomas Murray, reviewed a very successful year. Following the reading of the minutes the Treasurers’ report was reviewed and it showed that the Scór finances are in a very healthy state.  The next item on the agenda was the reading of correspondence. The Secretary read requests he had received from three clubs regarding individuals, from outside their parishes, who wished to represent them for the 08/09 season. The requests / transfers were discussed and passed.    Delegates were reminded that no transfers could take place during the season and that the ‘parish rule’ would be strictly enforced. Permission must be sought annually, on an individual basis, by means of a written submission to An Runaí Coiste Scór prior to the A.G.M. and subsequently passed at the AGM. Clubs were also reminded that individuals competing in Scór na nÓg must be under 17 on January 1st and competitors competing in Scór Sinsear must be over 17 on January 1st. Coiste Scór will be carrying out spot checks on these matters throughout the year and any team/club found in breach of either of these rules will be disqualified for the remainder of the season.   A number of important motions, including two regarding the format of future Scór competitions, were discussed and voted on. The following motions were passed: 1a) That subject to entry numbers, the Scór Sinsear competition be revised within the county for a one-year trial basis. Two semi-finals be held, and the first two winners in each discipline, at both semi-final, qualify for the county final.  1b) The delegation of clubs to each semi-final event should be at the discretion of Coiste Scór Ros Comáin, and not necessarily on a North/South basis. 1c) Adjudicators should be from outside the county at all stages. (St. Dominics) The second motion, regarding setting dates for both Scór na nÓg and Scór Sinsear competitions, was amended to remove the mention of Scór Sinsear and subsequently passed as follows:  2) That all competition dates for Scór na nÓg in Roscommon be set at the A.G.M.  (St. Dominics)   Motion 3 and 4 (parts 4 a, b & c) both concerned the restructuring of the Scór na nÓg competition. The Chairperson proposed that these two motions would be debated and that delegates would then be asked to vote for either no. 3 or no. 4 (parts 4 a, b & c).    Motion 3, which proposed that the existing format of a Northern Final and a Southern Final be replaced by two County semi-finals with a mix of competitors from both regions. Each county semi-final would comprise of two groups/individuals who have qualified from a northern section first round and two groups/individuals who have qualified from a southern section first round. This motion was carried. Delegates were then asked to vote on whether to introduce this new format or to retain the existing format of holding a Northern Final and a Southern Final. The clubs voted to use the new format.   Motion 4E, which proposed ‘That adjudicators from outside the county be assigned to all rounds where possible’ (Elphin), was passed.   The final motion (5), which proposed ‘That all Northern & Southern competitions be concluded before the first week in December’ (Strokestown), was also carried. Following the completion of voting the next item was the election of officers and all outgoing officers were re-elected unopposed.    As mentioned above the dates and venues for Scór na nÓg were decided upon and these will be published in the media and distributed to clubs shortly, subject to confirmation of venues. A number of clubs also made enquiries regarding programmes from the Scór na nÓg County Final. These are still available and can be obtained from Diane in the County Board Office.   The 2007/08 season saw a big increase in participation in all Scór competitions and it is hoped that through new initiatives, including some of the new formats mentioned above, even bigger numbers will take part this season.    2009 marks the 40th anniversary of Scór and the 125th anniversary of the GAA. The GAA was established with the aim of keeping alive our distinct Irish traditions and pastimes, our games and our culture! So a failure by any club to take part in Scór is a terrible disservice to its Gaels.    Coiste Scór is asking all clubs, especially those who have not competed in recent years, to make a special effort in this anniversary season.