Saying thank you to your mother, mother-in-law and granny!

Raising kids and creating a home is a tough job, sometimes it can even be a thankless one. And so, if you’re an adult  who sometimes gets caught up with day to day life to such an extent you’ve forgotten (or haven’t realised) the enormous sacrifices your own mother, grandmother or mother-in-law made in order to give you the charmed existence and opportunities you enjoy today, we’d ask you to set aside a bit of time this Mother’s Day to reflect on them, evaluate them and try to show your appreciation by doing something more than begrudgingly grabbing a last-minute budget card left over at a discount store.


  Tell them you love them. Saying those three little words and meaning them can have a huge impact on a parent’s life –  especially if they’re elderly and the pace of our own busy lives or the fact we don’t live as near to them as we’d like often makes it difficult to demonstrate how we feel. In addition, do bear in mind, the way we treat our parents and in-laws affects the way our kids will treat us; so if we show genuine love and respect for our own mothers/mothers-in-law/grandmothers this Mother’s Day, our kids will follow by example.

  And remember girls, when dealing with d’mudder-in-law; (and I’ve had two), no matter how much you both disagree on certain matters, no matter how much she criticises you and says her precious son is too good for you, smile sweetly and curse under your breath. You see, if you treat the woman who gave birth to your children’s father (her one-time little boy who sat on her lap and smothered her in jammy kisses), with dignity and compassion, and realise that one day, you’ll be wearing this woman’s sensible walking shoes when you too are forced to relinquish the role of ‘First Lady’ in your son’s life when he marries, then you’ll surely be set up for sainthood.

  Grandmothers, and especially the in-law granny, have lots of experience and only love to give advice; so, even if you disagree with what she says, listen, and be open to her suggestions. She means well, it’s not a personal attack on you or your family or on the way you’re raising your kids, it’s just her way of sharing her valuable skills and knowledge, and, it makes her feel useful; so stop being a martyr and at least listen to her older and wiser words.

  Remember, Nana is the one woman, besides you, who’ll love your kids to distraction, spoil them and be happy to allow you use her as a free babysitter, so make sure your Mother’s Day gift reflects her sacrifices.