Sásta Athlone will help you achieve your goals!

Tired of going to the gym and getting nowhere fast? Then make a visit to Sásta Athlone, the state-of-the-art health, fitness, and weight loss studio. Sásta is a new and exciting way to achieve a lighter, fitter, and healthier you – for keeps!

  Sásta will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to get fit, lose weight, improve your sports performance, or give your lifestyle a complete overhaul – all in a friendly, non-intimidating environment.

  Sásta has all the elements in the Athlone studio for you to achieve your goal, including the Sásta fitness pod to aid with fat burn and toning; body sculpting training programme to tone and shape your body; low GL meal plan; weekly body composition analysis; and a one-to-one personal trainer to motivate you every step of the way.

  “We are here to help you achieve your goals, whether your focus is on health, fitness, or weight loss, or you want to tone up for a special occasion,” said owner of Sásta Athlone, Noel McTiernan.

  Sásta offer a free trial to discuss your goals and gauge your fitness levels. This is followed by a consultation, which includes your first sessions of Sásta’s unique fitness pods and body sculpting. You will get a full body composition analysis, which gives a breakdown of what your body is made up of – fat, muscle, water, bone – and even tells you what age your body is working at.

  Your personal trainer will then keep a close eye on your progress on a weekly basis, ensuring you reach your goals.

  Sásta’s meal guide includes a variety of delicious meal suggestions and recipes. 

  Sásta Athlone look forward to welcoming you to their state-of-the-art fitness studio at Unit 2 Inis Carraig, Golden Island, Athlone, where they are open from 6.30 am-8 pm Monday to Friday, and 8.30 am-2 pm on Saturday.

  For more information call 090 6450005 or find Sásta Athlone on Facebook.

Well done Edel!

A huge congratulations from all the team here in Sásta Athlone to Edel Kelly on being the first woman home in the Lecarrow 10k. Not only that, but Edel beat her personal best by a staggering seven minutes. Edel tells us without coming to Sásta Athlone three times per week she would not have beaten her personal best. Edel is aiming to run her 3rd half-marathon this summer, so stay posted to see if we can help her beat her personal best on this day too!