Sammon’s leap of faith

Seamus Duke  The contrast between the two managers on Sunday just could not be any more stark. Roscommon are managed by a rookie 30-year-old who is still playing club football, while Galway are this year managed by one of the most experienced men in the job, Liam Sammon, who is almost twice Michael Ryan’s age.   An All-Star on the very first such football team chosen (in 1971), Liam Sammon has played in All-Ireland and league finals and has managed club and county teams for many years past.   When I spoke to Liam on Monday he was very nervous at the prospect of facing a Roscommon team that are being given no chance whatsoever by the bookies, the experts or anyone else for that matter.   ‘It’s a very dangerous situation for us going into this game. Roscommon are being given no chance and are coming up here with absolutely nothing to lose and we are worried about that, I can tell you’ he said.   ‘I pass no heed whatsoever on league form. Look at the Longford v Westmeath game last Sunday. Westmeath are now in Division 1 and had a great league while Longford are in division three — however Longford were unlucky to lose the game so we are passing no heed whatsoever on the league. That’s over with now’ he said.   Liam says that Roscommon have always been able to put it up to Galway over the years. ‘I’m long enough involved to know that no Galway team have ever beaten a Roscommon team easily. In fact there is never more than a kick of the ball between the two teams and I honestly think that we will be under major pressure on Sunday’ he continued.   ‘We want to win the game surely but we know we will have to pull out all the stops to do so. Another factor is the weather conditions. If it stays the same as it has been for the past two weeks, it will be energy-sapping and very warm and anything can happen on a day like that. We might be the favourites to win but championship is championship and we will have to make sure we keep our minds in the job. There will be no complacency’ he said.   Liam Sammon says that he just wants Galway to win the game and get into the next round. ‘A couple of points (margin) win will do us on Sunday. We just want to get into the next round and we will be going flat out on Sunday to try and beat Roscommon. We know that they will be really fired up for this game. It could be very close’ he concluded.