Sam Brooks criticises lack of action on rural decline

Sam Brooks (A Sinn Féin local election candidate in South Roscommon) has criticised the lack of action on maintaining services in rural communities. He has made this criticism after recently canvassing Attyrory, a small community in South Roscommon where the local National School was shut down a few years ago. Sam said:
“Seeing this building abandoned is heartbreaking and just another example of constant decline in our communities. The wider Taughmaconnell/Moore/Creagh area has been completely let down in recent years with public services like schools, garda stations, and post offices shut down, local businesses and shops forced to close, and local transport routes being cut.
Attyrory National School recently had works done at the time of its closure and the decision to close it was short-sighted when you consider that many other local schools were overcrowded. We have seen a similar pattern of short-sightedness when it comes to our other public services and it is clear that these decision-makers up in Dublin are out of touch when it comes to the needs and wants of our rural communities.
I have spoken to many people around Attyrory and the Pearses area in recent weeks and it is clear that the people are passionate about keeping their community alive. Many recognise that it may not be realistic to fully reopen the school, but is converting the building into somewhere for the community that much to ask? I grew up in Taughmaconnell which is just down the road from this school and this community, they deserve to see the buildings in their area being used actively by the community.
As a first-time candidate, I am running because I am sick and tired of seeing my local communities constantly pushed aside because no one in power is willing to fight for them. If I have the good fortune of being elected I will stand side by side with residents across South Roscommon to represent them and their communities, that is my pledge.”