Sale closing on Keadue Health Centre

HSE West is currently in the process of closing the sale on Keadue Health Centre. The recent meeting of HSE West regional forum saw a question on the matter tabled by Cllr. Charlie Hopkins. He asked ‘When will the new Health Centre in Keadue be open and what services will be available in this new Centre?’ The HSE reply stated that it is in the process of closing the sale and added, ‘Time will be required to secure planning permission and the necessary refurbishments to be carried out to the premises. There will be a number of services available from the health centre such as a General Practitioner service, public health nursing, home help, community welfare officers and social workers.’ Castlerea jobless jumps 53.1 percent The number of people on the live register in the Castlerea area increased by 53.1 percent between March 2007 and March 2008, according to live register figures released by the Central Statistics Office this week. Other areas of the county also recorded a significant rise in that period. Jobless totals in the Roscommon area rose by 40.2 percent in the year, while Boyle recorded a jump of 30.9 percent. County wide the increase over the year was 43.6 percent. Nationally the increase was 27 percent. The past month also saw significant increases in the number on the live register. Between February and March 2008, there was an increase of 9.9 percent in the live register figures in the county, the second highest in the country, second only to Waterford, where the monthly increase was 13.5 percent. Once again, there was a significant increase in Castlerea, where the number of people on the live register rose by 16.3 percent. The corresponding figure for Roscommon was 3.4 percent, while the figure for Boyle was 5.2 percent. All figures are shown grids alongside.