Safe routes to school proposed by McDaid

Secure walkways, cycleways and pedestrian junctions at all schools should be introduced to improve road safety and reduce car dependency, according to Green Party candidate Garreth McDaid.             He has pledged that if in Government, the Green Party will implement a nationwide ‘Safe Route to School’ programme over a five-year period. ‘I have been contacted by concerned parents in both Leitrim and Roscommon who have been repeatedly let down by their local authorities on this issue. I have also visited several schools across the constituency and witnessed at first hand the kinds of dangers school children are subjected to on a daily basis.’             ‘This is yet another symptom of developer-led planning. Schools and other basic amenities are being shoe-horned into place after developers leave, instead of being provisioned for as part of community-led planning. The Green Party will turn this system on its head. No developer will get planning for residential housing units unless there is a clear plan to provide for school buildings and safe access to those school buildings.’