Rumour, Tweets and intrigue: Behind the Rossie Curtain



A tongue in cheek review of the week in Roscommon GAA


Any county or club manager worth his or her salt knows the value of a good strong media ban in the run-up to a big match or championship campaign. It helps to circle the wagons and prevents players becoming fatigued from trying to dodge those tricky media types.

  Unfortunately, those media bans don’t extend to ex-players, supporters, or even the press when it comes to social media. In fact, whether you’re a county legend with almost 200 appearances under your belt or a faceless tweeter with three followers, you can offer your opinion on the current state of the game in Roscommon – or any other county for that matter!

  Now I’ve lived on the Korean peninsula for four years and let me tell you, both social media and free speech are vastly overrated. The Republic (South) has both and it has led to nothing but trouble with former Presidents imprisoned for various scandals. The Democratic People’s Republic (North) on the other hand, hasn’t had to endure the embarrassment of a high-ranking resignation in years. Most of their problems are ‘dealt with’ in house and there’s no social media platform for ‘the People’ to air their views – especially the “extremely unhelpful” ones.

  After all, “extremely unhelpful” comments are…eh…not very helpful. They only serve to further muddy the waters at times of great uncertainty. Therefore, if you are a social media user you would be well advised to ‘Think before you Tweet’, lest you do something drastic like scare off potential Roscommon football managers.

  Meanwhile, if you happen to be a top class Gaelic football manager who wants to work in a football-mad county and doesn’t really bother with social media then please ignore this column and present your CV to Roscommon GAA at your earliest possible convenience.