Ruby King’s to host night of celebration!

Owen keen on attracting Chinese investment to Roscommon

I’ve regularly eaten at Owen Wang’s Chinese restaurant ‘Ruby King’s’ on Circular Road. Owen is originally from China of course but has the uncanny knack of making an Irish man feel like a stranger in his own country. The man lived and worked his way across the Emerald Isle – but fell in love with Roscommon. “I came to Ireland in June, 2000,” he told me.

  It’s sixteen years since he moved to Dublin and in that time, his daughter Ruby – who the restaurant is named after – was born.  

  “Roscommon is my favourite town here (in Ireland)” may seem like a hollow compliment from most ‘foreign’ visitors, but Owen chose Roscommon as his home and the place to raise his family.

  “I lived in Dublin six years, I worked in Kildare, Belfast and Newry and in Cavan and Drogheda and had another business in Enniscorthy. The last stop was Roscommon and I found out that it was this county and this town I loved. The reason is the local people made me want to stay here.”

  Owen arrived in Roscommon around seven years ago and hasn’t looked back since, telling me he plans on staying for a long time yet, or “forever”, to be exact. He has even become a big supporter of local events such as the Roscommon Rose and has invested substantially in the town.

  Owen is always looking to bring further business and opportunities to his adopted home town too.

  In fact, his motivation to attract further Chinese investment to the midlands, and particularly Roscommon, was obvious from our meeting earlier this week. He told me that he has strong links with Chinese business people through his involvement with the Irish Fujian Business Association and has attended three meetings this year with the intention of attracting trade and commerce to this part of the world.

  The man from Fujian province believes his passion for Roscommon and his many years in business is something to celebrate. With that in mind, he has decided to host a night of celebration on Saturday, November 5th.

  Organisers say the event will be attended by local business people and representatives from the Chinese Embassy and tickets have been selling rapidly before even going to print!

  ‘Odd Sox’ will provide the entertainment on the night and a limited number of tickets are available from Owen on 087-9099799 or