Rosway Walkers take on Mount Snowdon

Rosway Walkers recently took on their most exciting challenge yet as they set out to conquer Wales’s highest mount – Mount Snowdon (1,085m). Over 30 intrepid members travelled across land and sea to the town of Llanberis, Gwynedd where they took up residence for the weekend. On Saturday morning the group set out under the watchful eye of Cathal Cregg from the Pen-y Pass car park along the Miners Track (6.5 km), which runs along the deserted lakes of Llyn Llydaw and Llyn Glaslyn. This trek provided a contrasting mixture of hiking and climbing along the route with breathtaking views of its high peaks and steep, plunging valleys as well as a plentiful supply of snow as the group progressed towards the summit. Despite the fact that the temperatures were below zero degrees it was a jubilant crew that reached the summit after three hours of climbing. However, the climb was only half over and the snow only added to the difficulty in retracing their steps downwards.  Credit is due to all group leaders who took responsibility for leading everyone up and down the slopes safely and with the maximum of enjoyment in the day without as much as an elastoplast needed.  Needless to say the town of Llanberis resonated with many an Irish melody in celebration of the climb on Saturday night. For some this was the third of the five peaks in the British Isles to be conquered and plans are already underway to climb the fourth peak, Scafell Pike in the Lake District in England in June. As always – watch this space.