Rossies to face Galway in FBD final – Seamus Duke Column

So another weekend of action has passed for our county football and hurling teams in preparation for the national league and championships which will come up quickly now.

  The senior footballers went to Castlebar and won again for the second year in a row in the FBD League but I wouldn’t be rushing out to the bookies after that game because neither side seemed too bothered whether they won this game or not and Roscommon were just that little bit stronger and fitter than their opponents on the day.    

  The high-energy game that we have seen from Roscommon since the new management have taken over was evident again, but this game was about as far from the cut and thrust of Division One football and championship fare as one could get. Nevertheless it was another win and as Kevin McStay said after the game, it’s another small rung up the ladder.

  The team management had an in-house A v B game in mind for this coming weekend but now they will have to turn their attentions to the FBD League Final against Galway in Tuam. It will still afford the management to try out another combination and fine-tune the team which I am sure they have in mind for the game against Monaghan on January the 31st.