Rossie Erin is England’s Strongest Disabled Woman!

Roscommon town native, Erin Harris, was crowned ‘England’s Strongest Disabled Women’ following a sensational performance at Fitxpo in Manchester recently.

Erin, who was born with a condition called Type 4 Congenital Ulnar Dysplacia which affects her right arm, was winner of Women’s Standing Class Two.

Speaking to the Roscommon People this week, Erin said she was over the moon with her recent success.

“The whole weekend was amazing. The athletes were all incredible! The vibe during the whole competition was fantastic and we were so well looked after by Team GB Disabled Strongman and Fitxpo themselves. Coming out with the win was just the cherry on the top of a great weekend overall,” she said.

Despite the gruelling nature of the competition, Erin came out on top in each of her five events. She completed 14 repetitions in the 20kg Giant Dumbbell, squatted 100kg eleven times, carried 60kg for 40 metres, pressed 30kg above her head, and managed to lift 50, 60, 70 and 80kg Atlas stones in one minute and six seconds.

“That was a massive personal best for me! I use a stone sling for this so again this is basically one-handed,” Erin explained.

The prizes were handed out by World’s Strongest Man competitor Gavin Bilton while Erin also got to meet Europe’s Strongest Man Luke Stoltman and brother Tim, a two time World’s Strongest Man.

“Having won, I’ve automatically qualified to compete for Britain’s Strongest Disabled Woman in August this year, which I’m really looking forward to,” Erin said.

“Events have already been released for this and include two overhead events, a 230kg sled pull, and a 13kg ‘Yoke run’. We’ll also have to lift the dreaded Atlas stones again!”

Not content with her English title, Erin says she’s now focussed on breaking world records in August with the aim of lifting a 120kg Atlas stone by the end of the season. If her performance in Manchester is anything to go by then this Rossie is more than capable of achieving those goals.