Roscommon’s gain is Leitrim’s loss – The general election

A perspective by Cllr. Tom Crosby (Independent)  It was an interesting election campaign – and an interesting election – as ever. Following  the casting and counting of votes I would have to say that Roscommon is obviously very well represented, but of course that is not the case for South Leitrim.    South Leitrim has no Dail representation and I really feel that the powers-that-be should look at the constituency, as the current alignment isn’t working. It’s simply not fair on Leitrim. So obviously I would be disappointed about the election outcome in respect of how it affects Leitrim. The Longford/Roscommon constituency made much more sense.    With regard to individual performances, the winners take the plaudits. Frank Feighan did extremely well, he was and is a dark horse! I know Frank well. He deserves his success. I wasn’t really surprised that he got elected. He’s a good worker and has done the business ‘on the ground.’    Michael Finneran of course did exceptionally well too. You might say he did so against the odds. Denis Naughten took the other seat and he did very well too. I wish the three elected three TDs every success in representing this constituency.    Looking at the election from an independent perspective, I would have to express some disappointment with John Kelly’s vote. He did get the support of the HAC but his voerall vote was disappointing, especially when you take on board the fact that the HAC polled 4,000 or so in the previous election.    I myself ran on a previous occasion and didn’t have the support of the HAC and I polled 2,000 or more so I think I did very well in the circumstances. So I would have to say that we, of an independent ‘mind,’ were disappointed for John Kelly.    I was delighted also to see Terry Leyden returned to the Seanad, a deserved result for him.    Looking to the future I feel that the elected representatives will need to concentrate on the health service in Roscommon, amongst many others things.    And a final comment on general election 2007