Roscommon Town Centre Phase 2 Development to begin this month

Pictured is a sketch depicting the planned development in Roscommon Town Centre, works for which commence this month.

Roscommon County Council has announced that works on the next phase of development of Market Square and Roscommon Town Centre are due to commence this month (June). The project is scheduled to be completed in five months, with plans to have the Square fully open and ready for the busy Christmas season.

To the north of Market Square, a covered civic space is to be provided. This concrete and timber structure with a copper and glazed roof will further transform the existing space. The new amenity will be a focal point in the town centre for people to meet, eat and greet.

In addition to this, the project will include further works to uncover and enhance the historic well on South Market Square, making it an attractive feature, along with improvements to Hynes Lane and Chapel Lane.

Funded through the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund through the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage as part of Project Ireland 2040, these works help create a town centre that functions as a viable, vibrant and attractive location, as well as being the service, social, cultural and recreational hub for the local community. It’s expected that this further development will boost the local economy, drawing further footfall to the town centre through improving access and making the town more connected.

The new civic space will be available for events such as concerts and other public events. The new facility will also be utilised for the town’s annual Christmas Markets, offering users a comfortable and visually attractive experience.

The project was designed by GKMP Architects based in Dublin. Pat Loftus Construction Group Ltd from Galway are undertaking construction. As part of these works, there will be minimal traffic and parking disruption. In order to secure the work site, perimeter hoarding will be installed to the north and south of the square.

Welcoming the commencement of works, Shane Tiernan (Acting Chief Executive) said the new civic space was a vital part of infrastructure for the centre of the town.

“The new works, including the covered civic space, the enhancement of the historic well, and the improvements to the lanes, are a further, important part of Roscommon County Council’s ambitious regeneration of the town centre”, he said. “It will complement the recently completed work in The Square area, as well as connecting to the proposed new cycle loop of the town.

“We are delighted to have received funding from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage under their Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF), supported by matched funding from Roscommon County Council.

“Roscommon town will continue to grow as a vibrant and progressive town with a strong business heart, attracting inward investment and footfall from a considerably large and increasing hinterland”, concluded Mr Tiernan.