Roscommon Town CCTV project launched




A total of 25 cameras have been installed in ten locations as part of the first phase of the Roscommon Town CCTV project which was launched at Gleeson’s Townhouse last Thursday afternoon. The project was first identified in late 2015 when Roscommon Town Team was established and is supported by the Town Team, Chamber of Commerce, Roscommon County Council and An Garda Síochána.

  Speaking at the launch, Chairman of Roscommon Town Team, Larry Brennan, thanked his colleagues for their work promoting such programmes and acknowledged the support of various stakeholders.

  “This project had the total support of Roscommon County Council who from day one bought into it.

  “An Garda Síochána were a major player and also completely supportive and Garda John O’Connor was the main link between the Town Team and An Garda Síochána,” he said.

  Mr. Brennan gave special mention to Roscommon County Council co-ordinator, John Mockler, who he described as a “main driver”, adding that the CCTV project was one which the Roscommon Town Team had been working on “for a long number of years”.

  Garda John O’Connor said the project went through a “stringent process” before getting approval and thanked his fellow sub-committee members Larry Brennan, Caitlin McConn and Mark Kerrigan as well as Supt. Fran Nicholson and John Mockler for their hard work.

  “On the 7th of April 2016 a public meeting was held in Gleeson’s Townhouse and then on the 29th of April the proposed CCTV system was discussed at the Roscommon JPC (Joint Policing Committee) meeting.

  “A comprehensive process then had to be completed. This included receiving the approval of the JPC, Roscommon County Council, Chamber of Commerce and the Chief Superintendent of the Roscommon/Longford Division.  

  “Also included in the application were the specific details in relation to the CCTV system and it also had to show that the system was compliant in relation to Data Protection.  

  “In April 2018 Supt. Nicholson and Garda Nicholson made a presentation to the Community CCTV Advisory Committee. The proposed system was recommended and was later authorised by the Garda Commissioner,” he said.

  Garda O’Connor added that funding of €78,413 was secured for the project including €59,000 under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme 2016 with the remainder coming from the Roscommon Town Team budget for 2015 and 2016. A further €20,000 was provided in works and materials by Roscommon County Council.

  “(It cost) in and around €100,000 for the whole scheme,” he said.

  Kerry-based J&N Security consultants were employed to design a suitable system for Roscommon town and they oversaw the installation of the system and the tendering process. Following the tendering process Cube Fire & Security secured the contract for supply and installation of the system. The system will be monitored by Roscommon Garda Station and Roscommon County Council have come on board as data controller.

  Cllr. Leyden welcomed the launch of phase one.

  “This is a great Roscommon Town Team project with support of Roscommon County Council, An Garda Síochána and Chamber of Commerce.  We have a beautiful, safe and friendly town and CCTV is a great addition in preventing crime in the first place, and detecting it if it occurs”.

  Garda O’Connor added that the proposed second phase would “ring-fence” Roscommon town, making it a safer place to work, live and do business.

  Martin Lydon, Roscommon County Council Director of Services, said the project could be traced back to the establishment of the town team in 2014/15. He added that such projects “bring significance” to town teams and that further projects would be made possible thanks to a loan of €10 million from central government.