Roscommon People Mart Watch – November 3rd


Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart

“There was a huge entry of cattle on offer at last Friday’s sale. Once again this week, quality lots were to the fore in fetching top prices while the plainer lots were more difficult to sell.

  “There was a brisk trade for bullocks with prices averaging from €2.35 per kilo up to €3.14 per kilo. Heifer prices ranged from an average of €2.19 per kilo up to €3.27 for a top quality Lim X Heifer weighing 490kgs and fetching €1605. There was a big entry of dry cow with lots averaging from €1.55 per kilo up to €2.06 per kilo Friday.    

  “Roscommon Mart will host a winter special sale for bullocks this Friday (November 3rd) at 11 am including heifers and dry cows.

  “We had a small entry of sheep at this week’s sale. There was a better trade for lambs with the tops fetching €108 for 56.3kgs. There were excellent ewe lambs on offer again this week. A pen of good quality ewe lambs 58.5kgs made €138. Prices for cast ewes ranged from €40 up to €100 per head. Sheep sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes.”

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Char 890kgs €1705, Lim 785kgs €1605, BBX 685kgs €1410, Simm 745kgs €1350, Char X 775kgs €1200, Simm 645kgs €1110, Lim X 610kgs €935, Lim X 480kgs €785, Lim X 695kgs €1415, Lim 700kgs €1380, Lim X 695kgs €1150, Char X 670kgs €970.


Lim X 490kgs €1605, Lim X 560kgs €1565, Lim X 560kgs €1560, Lim X 525kgs €1410, Simm X 485kgs €1380, Lim 490kgs €1320, AAX 585kgs €1230, HEX 620kgs €1320, Lim X 440kgs €1160, Simmx 485kgs €1290, 3 Char X 476kgs €1100, AAX 485kgs €1080, SHX 470kgs €1065, Simm 445kgs €1075, BBX 440kgs €940, Lim X 405kgs €910, Simm X 480kgs €940, AAX 585kgs €1230, Char 410kgs €970, 2 Lim X 335kgs €745, AAX 390kgs €750, Lim X 420kgs €900.


Lim X 735kgs €1700, Char X 725kgs €1700, 2 Char X 560kgs €1660, 2 Char x 622kgs €1560, Char X 560kgs €1540, 2 Char X 542kgs €1510, 2 Char X 477kgs €1500, 2 Lim X 592kgs €1500, 4 Char X 530kgs €1415, Char X 475kgs €1250, 2 Lim X 482kgs €1125, Lim X 580kgs €1375, 2 Char X 555kgs €1560, 3 Lim X 530kgs €1250, Lim X 460kgs €1195, Lim X 455kgs €960, 2 Char X 435kgs €1225, Lim X 480kgs €1000.

Finished lambs

56.3kgs €108, 59kgs €108, 50.7 kgs €105, 51.3 kgs €105, 55 kgs €105, 53.1 kgs €105, 53.6kgs €102, 52.6kgs €102.

Ewe lambs

58.5kgs €138, 60kgs €115, 47.1kgs €108, 43.1kgs €103, 46.5 kgs €99.

Store lambs

43.6kgs €83, 41.7kgs €80, 38.1kgs €77, 37.1kgs €76.50, 37.9kgs €70.


Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“There were 850 cattle on offer and like our bullock sale on Monday, there was more active buying this week with increased farmer activity resulting in a better trade overall. Demand was strongest for the quality continental lots and the weanling trade was better this week also with better export demand. Increased numbers of sucklers starting to appear while the dry cow trade was firm.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €980 to €1710 per head. Springer cows made from €870 to €1510 per head. Hereford and Angus cross type calves made from €150 to €455 per head while the continental lots were making up to €750.

  “There were 400 bullocks on offer in our sale on Monday the 23rd, with a good entry of quality forward stores. Prices ranged from €400 to €840 over with an average price of €570 over paid.

Demand was well improved and this was reflected in the prices paid resulting in an excellent clearance.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea today (Thursday, November 2nd) with our usual sale of heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. This Saturday (4th) we will hold a clearance sale of 25 suckler cows with calves at foot.”

Castlerea Mart sample prices


Sim 380kgs €1150, Lm 390kgs €1020, Ch 410kgs €1020, Lm 460kgs €1230, Ch 483kgs €1130, Ch 540kgs €1340, Ch 600kgs €1360.

Dry cows

BB 725kgs €1560, BBX 675kgs €1475, Ch 770kgs €1465, Lmx 925kgs €1695, AA 785kgs €1490.

Weanling bulls

Lm 275kgs €855, Lm 290kg €1145, Ch 260kgs €895, Ch 270kgs €830, Ch 380kgs €1200, Ch 300kgs €1055.

Weanling heifers

Ch 270kgs €830, Ch 260kgs €790, Shx 320kgs €995, Lm 320kgs €920, Ch 280kgs €840.


Lm 465kgs €1195, AA 450kgs €1185, Lm 515kgs €1360, Ch 515kgs €1320, Ch 550kgs €1425, Ch 580kgs €1390, Ch 635kgs €1440 Lm 665kgs €1495.