Roscommon People Mart Watch – May 31st



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart


“There were good numbers and excellent stock on offer at this week’s cattle sale. There was a brisk trade for heifers with prices ranging from an average of €2.36 per kilo up to €2.92 per kilo. Numbers of bullocks on offer were small. Again this week there was a big number of dry cows on offer with prices averaging from €1.70 per kilo up to €2.37 per kilo. Special sales of bullocks and heifers this Friday (May 31st) at 11 am.

  “There were similar numbers on offer at this week’s weanling sale with a brisk trade for both bulls and heifer weanlings. Heifer weanlings averaged rom €2.40 per kilo up to €3.07 per kilo while bull weanlings fetched from €2.64 per kilo up to €3.13 per kilo. Cows with calves at foot ranged from €1,000 up to €1,980. Springers made up to €1,400. Please note that from June 7th, weanlings and suckler cows will be sold on Fridays until further notice.

  “There were similar numbers on offer at this week’s sheep sale. There was a similar trade for spring lamb with prices fetching €115 for 58.7kgs. There was a steady trade for cast ewes with prices ranging from €55 up to €129. There was a smaller entry of ewes with lambs at foot on offer this week, however there was a brisk trade for them with a full clearance. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs, cast ewes and ewes with lambs at foot”. 


Roscommon Mart sample prices



Dry cows

Lim X 905kgs €1785, Lim 840kgs €1685, Lim X 850kgs €1580, Simm X 850kgs €1500, Simm 715kgs €1500, Lim X 730kgs €1420, AAX 760kgs €1360, Sh 765kgs €1245, AAX 710kgs €1180, BBX 680kgs €1015, AAX 630kgs €920, Lim X 645kgs €1350, Lim X 545kgs €970.


Char X 770kgs €1800, 4 Char 690kgs €1575, 9 Char X 641kgs €1550, Char X 610kgs €1480, Char X 610kgs €1480, Char 535kgs €1440, 2 Char 507kgs €1345, AAX 565kgs €1325, Lim X 470kgs €1300, Lim X 495kgs €1290, AAX 550kgs €1255, Char X 480kgs €1230, BBX 470kgs €1155, Lim X 440kgs €1150, BBX 445kgs €1140, Lim X 405kgs €1070, Lim X 410kgs €1065, Char X 390kgs €1000, Lim X 340kgs €995.

Weanling heifers

Lim X 450kgs €1200 – €2.66 per kilo, Lim X 435kgs €1055 – €2.42 per kilo, Char X 435kgs €1050 – 2.41 per kilo, Lim X 330kgs €1015 – €3.07 per kilo, 2 Char  X 407kgs €1010 – €2.80 per kilo, 2 Char X 332kgs €900 – €2.70 per kilo, 2 Char X 320kgs €850 – €2.65 per kilo, Lim X 270kgs €750 – €2.77 per kilo, Lim X 240kgs €640 – €2.66 per kilo, Char X 285kgs €800 – €2.80 per kilo

Weanling bulls

2 Char X 402kgs €1120 – €2.78 per kilo, Lim X 430kgs €1100 – €2.55 per kilo, Lim X 340kgs €1060 – €3.11 per kilo, Char X 360kgs €1040 – €2.88 per kilo, Char X 375kgs €1020, 2 Char X 335kgs €950 – €2.83 per kilo, 3 Lim X 340kgs €890 – €2.61 per kilo, AAX 335kgs €865 – €2.58 per kilo, Lim X 320kgs €970 – €3.03 per kilo, Lim X 310kgs €915 – €2.85 per kilo, Lim 255kgs €800 – €3.13 per kilo.

Spring lamb

58.7kgs €115, 47.5kgs €111.50, 50.8kgs €111, 48.4kgs €110, 50kgs €110, 46.2kgs €110, 48.3kgs €109, 47kgs €107.50, 44kgs €105, 42.7kgs €103.

Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“Good numbers of stock presented for sale again this week and trade has remained strong especially for the short keep type of stock and quality stores.

  “Demand for both the bullocks and heifers was very good for the time of year while the weanling rings reported some very fancy prices with one weanling heifer exceeding €4 a kilo.

  “The dry cow trade has remained very strong while the breeding stock, calves and runners are commanding a lot of interest at the moment. Cows with calves at foot made from €1,060 to €1,820 per head. Springers made from €1,020 to €1,040.

  “Calves remained strong with quality a big factor in the calf trade and prices ranging depending on the breeds. Prices ranged from €15 to €110 for dairy cross calves, while Hereford cross and Angus cross made from €180 to €285 and runners made from €300 to €770 for the continental type lots.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday 30th) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings on offer. All sales commence at 11 am with three rings in operation”.

Castlerea Mart sample prices



Chx 385kgs €1175, Lm 450kgs €1170, Ch 525kgs €1360, Ch 550kgs €1485, AA 505kgs €1085, Ch 440kgs €1135.

Dry cows

Ch 850kgs €1705, Lm 730kgs €1500, Lm 705kgs €1500, AA 770kgs €1485, AA 860kgs €1515.

Weanling bulls

Ch 295kgs €945, Ch 270kgs €845, Lm 275kgs €760, Lm 465kgs €1125, Ch 380kgs €1035, Lmx 450kgs €1120.


Ch 425kgs €1070, Lm 395kgs €1000, Ch 405kgs €1040, Ch 490kgs €1370, AA 475kgs €1215, Si 435kgs €1165, Ch 560kgs €1580, Ch 520kgs €1390, AA 590kgs €1330.

Weanling heifers

Chx 295kgs €895, Ch 260kgs €805, Lm 205kgs €775, Lm 260kgs €750, Lmx 380kgs €1530, Ch 355kgs €895, AA 360kgs €920.