Roscommon People Mart Watch – January 26th



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart


“There were increased numbers on offer this week. There was a lively trade for heifers with prices ranging from €2.32 per kilo up to €2.68 per kilo. There was a good entry of dry cows with prices ranging from €1.73 per kilo up to €2.22 per kilo.

  “The mart will host a special sale of bullocks tomorrow (Friday) at 11 am, which will include heifers and dry cows. There will also be a special sale of springers and sucklers this Saturday (27th) at 12 noon”.

Roscommon People sample prices

Dry cows

Char 865kgs €1700, Lim 715kgs €1520, Char X 725kgs €1520, BBX 675kgs €1500, Simm X 750kgs €1490, Char X 815kgs €1460, Lim X 710kgs €1365, Lim 710kgs €1225, Lim X 705kgs €1220, Char X 535kgs €1180, Lim X 655kgs €1160, SHX 695kgs €1155, Lim X 640kgs €1135, AAX 555kgs €800, Fr 570kgs €730.


Lim X 660kgs €1630, Char X 640kgs €1560, Char X 655kgs €1540, Char X 610kgs €1430, 3 Lim 443kgs €1125, Lim X 480kgs €1120, 2 Char X 450kgs €1100, AAX 490kgs €1185, 2 Char X 445kgs €1150, 3 Char X 400kgs €1040, Char X 405kgs €1085.

Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“There were similar numbers of stock presented again this week with prices and trade holding firm. Quality forward stores in particular were a strong trade while weanling heifers were improved by €20-€30 per head, a good selection of weanling bulls met a lively trade also while bullocks, breeding stock and dry cows also reported good clearances while springer cows made from €870 to €1550 per head.

  “Young Friesian bulls made from €117 to €170 with continental calves making up to €370. Stronger runner types made from €350 to €705 for continental lots.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea mart. All sales commence at 11 am”.


Castlerea Mart sample prices



Ch 450kgs €1240, Ch 390kgs €990, Lm 450kgs €1160, Ch 520kgs €1290, AA 520kgs €1105, AA 585kgs €1235.


Ch 420kgs €1060, Lm 380kgs €1010, Ch 390kgs €1050, Ch 455kgs €1180, Ch 430kgs €1080, Ch 640kgs €1585, Ch 595kgs €1520, Lm 520kgs €1385.

Dry cows

Lm 710kgs €1385, Ch 735kgs €1375, AA 715kgs €1325, Fr 625kgs €1040, Lim 635kgs €1120.

Weanling bulls

Lm 225kgs €675, Ch 265kgs €775, Ch 405kgs €1080, Lm 430kgs €1065, Lm 295kgs €805, Ch 410kgs €1025.

Weanling heifers

Lm 280kgs €940, Lm 290kg €825, Ch 320kgs €880, BBX 405kgs €1050, Lm 240kgs €730.