Roscommon People Mart Watch – February 2nd



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart

“There were similar numbers on offer this week. There was a brisk trade for bullocks with prices averaging from €2.31 per kilo up to €2.69 per kilo. There was a good trade for heifers with prices ranging from €1.90 per kilo up to €2.29 per kilo. There was a keen trade for dry cows with prices ranging from €1.62 per kilo up to €1.90 per kilo.

  “Usual sale for bullocks, heifers and dry cows this Friday (February 2nd) at 11 am. There will also be a special sale of heifers on Friday, February 9th at 11 am. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm today (Thursday, February 1st)”.

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Char X 835kgs €1525, Char 855kgs €1440, Char X 745kgs €1275, Lim X 745kgs €1275, Lim X 745kgs €1255, Lim X 630kgs €1195, Lim X 700kgs €1190, BBX 625kgs €1160, Simm X 730kgs €1150, Lim 595kgs €980, Hex 580kgs €1000.


Lim X 695kgs €1590, Lim X 645kgs €1550, Char X 675kgs €1525, AAX 745kgs €1450, 2 Lim X 595kgs €1350, Char X 510kgs €1340, Char X 580kgs €1320, Lim X 585kgs €1300, Char 585kgs €1405, SAX 500kgs €1180, Char X 470kgs €1210, Lim X 495kgs €1205, Lim X 390kgs €850, Simm X 520kgs €1120, Lim X 445kgs €1030, Char X 490kgs €1320.


HEX 595kgs €1190, Lim X 550kgs €1150, HEX 570kgs €1075, HEX 595kgs €1045, Lim X 340kgs €780, HEX 495kgs €800.

Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“There were 430 cattle on offer this week with numbers on offer slowly increasing. Quality stores and weanlings reported a very brisk trade with increased number of buyers in attendance as a result prices were well improved. Quality weanlings in particular reported some fancy prices while breeding stock. Cull cows and calves also reported strong demand.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €1040 to €1900 for a 5 year old Charolais cow and her heifer calf at foot. Springers made form €980 to €1460. Young calves on offer made form €220 to €415 per head with stronger runner types making from €300 to €675 per head.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (February 1st) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am with three rings in operation”.

Castlerea Mart sample prices


Ch 460kgs €1275, Lm 460kgs €1220, AA 465kgs €1105, Ch 525kgs €1365, Lm 500kgs €1365, Lm 520kgs €1335, Ch 555kgs €1350, Si 555kgs €1325, AA 625kgs €1340.


Lmx 410kgs €1170, Lm 360kgs €1055, Lim 325kgs €1000, Ch 445kgs €1135, Ch 430kgs €1095, Lm 680kgs €1470, Lm 540kgs €1360, Lm 510kgs €1285.

Dry cows

Lm 595kgs €1350, BBX 655kgs €1240, Lm 730kgs €1530, Lm 760kgs €1450, Fr 700kgs €1065.

Weanling bulls

Ch 285kgs €875, Ch 270kgs €940, BBx 260kgs €795, Lm 420kgs €1245, Ch 430kgs €1175, Ch 400kgs €1150, Lm 420kgs €1140.

Weanling heifers

Ch 260kgs €765, AA 260kgs €730, Ch 330kgs €945, Ch 305kgs €840, Ch 250kgs €695.