Roscommon People Mart Watch – February 22nd



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley


“There were increased numbers on offer this week with a firm trade for all classes of stock. Heifers ranged from €2.28 per kilo up to €2.74 per kilo. Bullocks made up to €2.09 per kilo while dry cows ranged from €1.53 per kilo up to €1.77 per kilo.

  “Sales continue on Fridays for bullocks, heifers and dry cows. There will be a special sale of bullocks this Friday (22nd). The mart will also host a special springtime sale of heifers next Friday (March 1st at 11 am). Bookings accepted up to 5 pm today (Thursday, 21st).

  “There were smaller numbers on offer at this week’s sheep sale. Prices for finished lambs peaked at €125 for 55.8kgs. There was a steady trade for cast ewes with prices ranging from €70 up to €90.

  “Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes. The sheep scanning service will continue next Wednesday (27th) (9-10 am)”.

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Lim X 750kgs €1300, Char X 840kgs €1300, AAX 785kgs €1270, Lim X 780kgs €1235, BAX 680kgs €1205, AAX 610kgs €840, AAX 665kgs €890, Char X 740kgs €1200, SAX 705kgs €900.



2 Char X 700kgs €1575, Lim X 665kgs €1550, 2 Char X 632kgs €1405, Lim 615kgs €1335, Char X 485kgs €1285, Char X 515kgs €1270, 2 Lim X 485kgs €1150, Char X 490kgs €1245, Lim X 415kgs €1000, AAX 420kgs €865, Lim X 405kgs €1000.


Finished hoggets

55.8kgs €125, 56.8kgs €124, 56.4kgs €124, 51.5kgs €118, 47.5kgs €113, 47.3kgs €110, 43kgs €102, 42kgs €95.



Simm X 650kgs €1285, Lim X 600kgs €1255, Char X 605kgs €1245, Lim X 530kgs €1100.


Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“There were 600 cattle on offer this week with a good spring trade prevailing for the store bullocks, heifers and weanlings on offer with a good attendance of customers present sourcing stock for further feeding. The cow trade remains firm while the calf trade witnessed increased numbers with a variance in price between the better quality type and the plainer lots.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €1,200 to €1,580 per head. Springer cows made from €620 to €1,050 per head. Jersey cross calves made from €5-€10, plain Friesian type calves made from €15 to €45 with better quality ones making up to €110, with Angus and Hereford types making from €100 to €285 per head.

  “Sales continue today (Thursday) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanling on offer. All sales commence at 11 am with three rings in operation”.

Castlerea Mart sample prices


Chx 495kgs €1230, Lm 480kgs €1200, Lm 535kgs €1320, Ch 505kgs €1250, Lm 585kgs €1340, AA 570kgs €1330, Chx 630kgs €1415, AAx 635kgs €1360.

Dry cows

Six 480kgs €885, Lm 800kgs €1600, Lmx 760kgs €1560, BBx 780kgs €1385, Ch 825kgs €1385, Fr 480kgs €590, Lm 460kgs €770.

Weanling bulls

Ch 270kgs €780, Ch 295kgs €825, Chx 385kgs €1095, Ch 345kgs €1040, Lm 425kgs €1020, Aa 285kgs €700.


Chx 420kgs €995, Lm 400kgs €960, Ch 425kgs €1160, BBx 445kgs €1290, Ch 480kgs €1190, Ch 580kgs €1530, Ch 645kgs €1480, AA 560kgs €1325.

Weanling heifers

Ch 260kgs €835, Ch 270kgs €800, Ch 245kgs €745, Lmx 335kgs €1025, Ch 380kgs €975, Ch 395kgs €1075, Ch 400kgs €945.