Roscommon Mart Report

Sheep Assembly Sale – Wednesday, 22nd April: There was a nice entry of sheep on offer at Wednesday’s Sheep assembly. Spring lambs made up to €145 for 57kgs. Hoggets made up to €144 for 62 kgs. Stag ewes made from €55 up to €148 per head.

Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID Tag set. Our next Sheep assembly is next Wednesday, 29th April. Bookings for sheep is on Tuesday, 28th April from 11 am-1 pm. Sheep to be penned by 10am on day of assembly.

Sample prices

Spring lambs: 57kgs €145, 51.3kgs €144, 49.5kgs €142, 51.3kgs €141, 57kgs €140, 52kgs €140, 46.5kgs €135, 43kgs €132, 41.7kgs €130.

Finished hoggets: 62kgs €144, 54.4 kgs €142, 54.3 kgs €141, 54 kgs €140, 53.8kgs €138, 50.3kgs €135.

Cast ewes made from €55 to €148 per lot.

Ewes with one lamb at foot made up to €210. Ewes with two lambs at foot made up to €220.