‘Roscommon lacked leaders…it’s time to start running at teams again’

Francie Grehan (Former Roscommon player and All Star)

The change from the drawn match to the replay was that Roscommon learned absolutely nothing while Galway totally changed their style of play.

  The game last Sunday was over after 20 minutes, such was the level of dominance that Galway had. Galway looked at Roscommon’s weakness in the middle of the field and they pushed up on the Roscommon kick-outs and when we had to go long they knew that their midfield would dominate. They ran straight at Roscommon and we just couldn’t cope. We have to sort out our midfield.

  I know league and championship is totally different, but Roscommon’s style of play has changed completely since the league campaign. Maybe the management were worried that we were conceding too much, but we have stopped running at teams and we have became far more negative.

  We showed in the second half against Sligo when we were eight points down that our fast-paced running game can pay off – but we didn’t see any of it against Galway.

  The management are in a tough position for the game against Clare. Do they stick with the lads who played last weekend and give them a chance to redeem themselves or do they freshen up the team with some of the young lads who came on and did well?

  History shows that a six-day turnaround is a tough thing to cope with so Roscommon will be up against it on Saturday. This is a chance to get into a quarter-final and either Roscommon want this or they don’t – we will see on Saturday.

  I would be worried that we lack of leaders on the field and against Galway there was hardly a decent shoulder struck in either game, and especially last Sunday.

  The players have a chance to go out and put the train back on the track on Saturday. It’s a huge task but the game against Clare is one that Roscommon are capable of winning. Whether or not the hunger is there after what happened last Sunday is the big question. It is only when the game starts that we will see the answer to that question. Let’s hope there is a big display in the players.

* In an interview with Seamus Duke