Roscommon/Galway FF attacks Government over rural Ireland

A meeting of Roscommon/Galway Fianna Fáil Comhairle Dáil Ceanntair was held in the Community Centre, Glenamaddy recently. Tom Leech chaired the meeting. A large number of members attended and many issues of both local and national importance were discussed.  Among the issues raised by members were: the plight of Rural Ireland, the threatened closure of post offices, flooding, ongoing problems with broadband and the future of Roscommon Hospital. 

  Many members expressed concerns that the Roscommon/Galway constituency and other rural areas are falling further and further behind other parts of the country in terms of economic development due to failure of Government policy in this area. Speakers highlighted the traditional role of Fianna Fáil as a champion for Rural Ireland and pointed out that Fianna Fáil needs to take the lead in this respect as the Government are abandoning Rural Ireland. 

  Deputy Eugene Murphy updated the meeting on national issues such as water charges and the threat to the Rural Post Office network. He thanked Fianna Fáil councillors for the great work they do for their own communities and for keeping him updated on all-important local issues such as cuts to local Community Employment schemes, delays in relation to payments to farmers and the absence of a proper ambulance service. He highlighted the importance of a strong Fianna Fáil to ensure that the views of people in Rural Ireland are heard and heeded at the highest levels. The meeting concluded with votes of sympathy to the families of deceased members.