Roscommon farmers urged to use Milk Price Tracker

The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association is calling on Roscommon farmers to make use of the Milk Price Tracker as prices are expected to break 50 cents per litre in the coming rounds of Co-op announcements.

  Developed over a two-year period by the State’s specialist dairy farmer organisation, the Interactive Milk Price Tracker allows ICMSA members to input their basic data around volume and constituents and see – at the touch of a button – what every Co-op in Ireland would have paid them for their milk.

  The association’s President, Pat McCormack, has also said that work is already ongoing to develop more features which will members to gain a fuller picture of how much they are being paid and on what basis.

  “Our focus is on solutions, and we believe – and have demonstrated – that we can master the analysis and technology just as completely as some of our processors and Co-op. ICMSA is for and on behalf of farmers – and only farmers,” he said.

  “We’re sure that some of the Co-ops resented us placing so much detailed information in the hands of our members and available to them at the touch of a few buttons. But we only answer to our members, and we trust in their ability to know what they should be getting paid. So we ‘re going to go on developing more comparative tools and instruments and we’re going to go on getting the real information in front of real farmers making real decisions.

  “We’re now predicting that over the next few months, the milk price paid to farmers will break 50 cents per litre – that’s a historic moment and we’re going to ensure that every member knows exactly what they’re getting and, just as importantly, what they could have got from every other processor in Ireland,” the ICMSA President concluded.