Roscommon companies urged to ‘Grow Remote’

Roscommon companies have been called on to ‘Grow Remote’ to play their part in helping Ireland to meet its national climate action targets in a profitable and sustainable way.

Communications Manager for social enterprise, Grow Remote, Kathy McKenna says businesses can reap proven benefits from going remote.

“Not only can implementing a remote working model in your business lead to increased profitability and significant cost savings, it can be a powerful tool for local impact and social change on a wider scale,” she said.

“By transitioning to a remote working model, your business can reap the proven benefits of increased employee productivity, reduced illness and absence, the opportunity to hire from a larger talent pool and lower staff turnover – all of which have a significant impact on your bottom line”.

According to Grow Remote, Government data, contained in the recently published ‘An Evaluation of the Impacts of Remote Working’, estimates that remote working has the potential to save almost 165,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

“In these times of worrying inflation, there are also potentially major cost savings in terms of allowing your company to move away from having to run one or many commercial premises, and reducing your spend on costs such as electricity, heating, cleaning, security, and more,” Kathy McKenna added.

“We don’t know exactly what form they’ll take, but widespread carbon emissions rules, restrictions and reporting obligations for companies of all sizes seem inevitable if we are to have any chance of meeting our climate change targets on a national level.

“Experts in this field predict that if Roscommon businesses plan now to reduce their overall carbon footprint – including the opportunity to go remote – they will experience far less disruption in the future”.

Towns and villages in Roscommon have been invited to host the third Grow Remote conference which is set to take place in April 2023. Visit for more information.