Roscommon Childcare Committee update on Dormant Accounts funding

Funding is to be provided by the Office of the Minister for Children (OMC), via the Dormant Accounts Fund, Social & Economic Disadvantage Category. Up to €1 million is being allocated to purchase and refurbish Play buses to support children and their parents/guardians, experiencing social exclusion particularly in disadvantaged and isolated areas.    The Playbus Measure arises within the context of the National Play Policy which was launched in 2004 and aims to create better play opportunities for children. Its overall objective is to plan for an increase in public play facilities & opportunities and thereby improve the quality of life of children living in Ireland. The Playbus scheme will involve the purchase or renovation and equipping of a bus to provide play and support services. The measure targets those residing in isolated and rural areas, and in areas where people may not have access to play and parenting services.     Roscommon City/County Childcare Committee (RCCC) is invited to submit one application from this geographical catchment area to the Dormant Accounts Fund. Applicants must have a proven track record (i.e. at least 3 years) of successfully working with the target group.   Funding of between €50,000 and €100,000 will be made available to selected applicants for purchase, refurbishment or equipment costs. The grants are once off in nature. Capital funding will be provided to cover costs of adaptation and or purchase of a bus to an agreed standard suitable for play for children. Funding will not be provided for the continuing operational costs i.e insurance/driver/staff/maintenance of play bus and with this in mind applicants must show their capacity to put a plan in place for the continued use of the play bus.    A key priority of the mobile playbus measure is to provide (i) a play area on the bus for young children and (ii) a resource area on the bus for parents/guardians of these children to support skills development.    It will be the responsibility of Roscommon County Childcare Committee to consider any proposals received and endorse one proposal from the county for submission to Pobal.     A copy of the application form and associated guidelines and a document entitled ‘Play as a Development Tool for Children’, can be obtained from RCCC.    The closing date for receipt of applications to RCCC is Friday, 14 th March 2008.    For further information please contact Irene Cafferky, Manager, Roscommon County Childcare Committee at 09496 22540.