Roscommon Arts Centre’s gallery space reopens with new exhibition

There was good news for local art lovers this week as Roscommon Arts Centre’s Gallery space reopened to the public on Tuesday with a new exhibition of work by Barbara Knežević as part of the 2021 Visual Art Programme.

‘Scapes: Rose Quartz’ is a sculptural work that is comprised of an array of crystals, plants, ceramic coiled vessels, a single channel video work and silicone surfaces that are carefully arranged on clear acrylic display plinths.

In this iteration of the work produced specifically for Roscommon Arts Centre, ‘Scapes: Rose Quartz is exploded and amplified in scale and materials. For this presentation, a large steel form that duplicates and emulates the more intimate body-sized ceramic gizzard-like forms sits centrally in the space.

Crystal printed lycra panels are suspended from the ceiling, repeating and amplifying the shape, colour and form of the crystals in the displays below.

Barbara Knežević is an Australian-born artist, living and working in Dublin. Her work is primarily object based and sculptural in form, appearing as complex, networked aggregations of objects and digital moving images.

Roscommon Arts Centre’s 2021 Visual Art Programme is curated by artist Naomi Draper, who is Curator in Residence for 2021. The programme she has developed will merge her research interests around studio and educational practices looking at areas of play, materialism, and craft.

Naomi is interested in the potential of relationships between humans and other matter, and the role processes of production plays in this negotiation and transaction. Developing a range of exhibitions and events the programme intends to engage a variety of artistic disciplines and practices including; installation, sculpture, craft and making practices.

Roscommon Arts Centre’s Gallery will be open to the public Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm. For more information, check out