Roscommon and Leitrim Men’s Sheds gather in Hannon’s Hotel

A Men’s Shed cluster meeting took place in Hannon’s Hotel on October 25th, and was a great success.

This event was organised by Roscommon and Leitrim Sheds Networks and saw all the sheds in these two counties come together.

The purpose of networks like Roscommon and Leitrim Sheds Networks, which were created by The Irish Men’s Sheds Association, is to bring supports to the sheds at a local level.

The support networks are of high value to the sheds in terms of sharing information with each other and recruiting new members.

The recent meeting also saw Men’s Sheds members being informed about the pre-Budget submission made for the Sheds for 2024 and which was submitted to the Government on their behalf.

The men were also encouraged to attend the upcoming National Conference for Men’s Sheds, which is taking place in the Virginia Show Centre in Cavan on the 20th of November.

Local barber Paddy Joe Burke took the time out of his day to have a chat with the men on embracing positive mental health every day, and special guest Vincent Pierce brought some humour to the event with his storytelling.