Roscommon – a Green Town?

Public meeting next Wednesday

Roscommon Chamber of Commerce have invited a speaker from Greenbusiness to address its members and the wider business community on Wednesday, 21st of October at a meeting in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon (8.30 pm). All members of the public are invited to attend.

  Greenbusiness is publicly funded under the National Waste

Prevention Programme to help all businesses and enterprises deliver substantive results and savings on resource efficiencies, through waste management and prevention and reduction in energy and water consumption.

  Aside from assisting businesses in reducing costs it will also allow businesses to consider putting in place a programme which will allow them to ‘run a rule’ over their business and get specific green actions that they could do.

  The economic advantage is that the businesses can then measure whether or not there have been cost savings referable to the green actions. The business benefits and the environment benefits.

  By setting a standard and ensuring the standard is maintained the businesses can ensure that the savings are maintained into the future.

  If a sufficient number of businesses are prepared to participate in the programme the Chamber would consider the idea of a green town, co-ordinated by the Chamber.

  The idea of the green town could link in with other tourism initiatives around sustainable tourism and heritage trails. This would allow the business community in partnership with other community and civic groups, like the tidy towns and County Council, to enhance our town and encourage businesses and the wider community to develop a sustainable future for the town.

  The cultivation of a socially and environmentally responsible approach to business has the capacity to improve our businesses and attract greater numbers of tourists to the area. The task is to try and pull together all the interested stakeholders.

  The initiative is being run by the Chamber and opened to the wider business community in Roscommon and other towns in the county to see whether or not businesses can pull together to give the initial impetus to the idea of a green town.

  Roscommon County’s unique hospitality isn’t just about providing accommodation. It’s the entire experience and a green town or towns can offer a unique experience to those visitors looking for a more sustainable holiday experience.