Rooskey man fights off criminal gang

by Paul Healy  A well-known Rooskey businessman courageously fought off three would-be assailants when they tried to steal his day’s takings last Wednesday night.    Frank McGuire, who runs a landmark filling station and shop on the Rooskey-Dromod road, was leaving the premises at about 11.15 on Wednesday night (14 th ) when he saw three men approaching in a menacing fashion. Mr. McGuire, whose wife Liz was still inside the premises, had the day’s takings in his possession. The men all wore balaclavas and were armed with a nailbar and two lump hammers.    ‘I challenged them straight away’ Frank told the Roscommon People. ‘I caught one guy and wrestled the mask off him. Within moments the three of them made off, back to their car.’ Frank managed to disarm one man of the nailbar but in the frantic to-ing and fro-ing the brave businessman slipped and injured himself. He subsequently had to go to hospital with an arm injury.    Admitting that he feared the men would beat him up, Frank told the People that he reacted instinctively. ‘I began to roar like hell and I think between that and our dog barking the raiders panicked and made their get-away.’    Frank’s wife Liz was on the scene within moments to help comfort her husband. Local Gardai arrived but at the time of writing no arrests have been made.     Speaking to the Roscommmon People on Tuesday, six days after his ordeal, an unrepentant Frank McGuire, a very well-respected member of the local community, said this was the first attempted break-in at the family’s premises in about ten years.    He concluded defiantly: ‘I can tell you one thing – and they can take this on board if they’re reading this – I’ll be ready for them the next time if they come back.’