Rooskey couple ‘Live the dream’

Rooskey native Gerry Reilly and his wife Mary will be seen ‘Living the Dream’ on TV next Monday night as they feature in a new TV programme about Irish families moving abroad. The six-part series gives families the opportunity to live their dream for a week – without sinking their lifelong savings into a venture they’re not 100 percent sure will succeed. The question is, will it be the dream they long for or the nightmare they fear? In programme five at 9.30 pm on RTÉ1 on Monday next 12th November, Gerry and Mary Reilly travel to Rome where Gerry sees his lifelong dream come true and becomes sacristan to San Silvestro (an 8th century church) for just one week. Gerry, a native of Rooskey, is currently sacristan in Longford town. In Rome he gets his ‘fill’ of weddings as five weddings take place the week he’s there, while Mary comes to terms with shopping and cooking for the priest’s house, with not a word of Italian. In each instalment participants get to take over a business for a week in a location they are keen to move too. The programme follows families as they meet their host family, learn the ropes to their new business and struggle with the language barriers in doing so. Bibi Baskin, who has lived her own dream for the last decade in India, returns to Ireland to narrate the series.